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Chicago Costume on Good Morning America

February 2013

WCIU Human & Dog Costume Fashion Show

*Check out our dogs Lilli & Coco strut their tails!


WGN Morning News "Sexy Costumes for 2011"

 WGN 2011 Sexy Fashion Show with Chicago Costume

Risky Raccon $64.99

Lindy & Lace Flapper $65.00

Diva Dorothy $48.49

Playboy Collegiate Cutie $77.50

Deluxe Royal Red Queen $189.99

Peacock Corset and Tutu $225.00

WGN Morning News "Kids Halloween Fashion Show 2011"


Buccaneer Cutie $30.00

Red Crayon $31.25

Movie Thor $34.99

Deluxe Cinderella Princess $36.00

Chicago Style Hotdog Bunting $32.50

Cleopatra $44.99 


WGN Morning News "Kids Halloween Fashion Show 2010"


Designer Cinderella $36.00
Crayola Crayon $31.25
Chicago-style Hotdog bunting $32.50

WGN Morning News "Sexy Costumes for 2010"

Here is a post show photo slideshow of the models horsing around in the weather studio's green-screen.

Costume Ideas for a Happy Hippoween!

Nude Hippo stops in at Chicago Costumes on Fullerton for a look at all the outfits, masks and accessories for the year's "sexiest" holiday.


Check out the video on our page, its a great look at our shop, and its pretty hilarious too!

Here we are mentioned in their blog about Chicago Halloween stores, that's a photo of our store on Fullerton!



We are big fans of Yelp for finding store, restaurant and business reviews in Chicago and all over the USA, check out our review here.

Chicago Costume


Local First Chicago

Chicago Costume has recently joined Local First to support local businesses in Chicago, and "Put Your Money Where Your House Is!"


Chicago Now blog

"Trick or Treat: A Dirty Dozen of Trendy Halloween Costumes for Halloween 2010"