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Rental Costumes


Custom Costumes & Mascots |  Mascot and Character Rentals
  Santa & Holiday Charcter Rentals |  Easter Bunny Rentals


We have literally 1,000s of unique costume rentals.

We will work with you to find the best costume and fit in our racks upon racks of impressive costume rentals. Whether you want to be an authentic Elvis, Go-Go girl, Cleopatra, Roman Warrior, Alice in Wonderland and the Mad Hatter, Gangsters and Flappers, even a giant Banana or Gorilla!

Prices for rentals generally cost between $65 to $250, plus tax and can be kept for a period of up to 3 days. We charge an additional $100 security deposit per costume, payable by cash or credit card, to all costume rentals, and make a copy of your drivers license or state ID for security reasons.

Looking for a specific costume?

We are able to put together many unique rental costumes, and can help with your special events, meetings, fashion shows, birthday parties, Christmas, Easter….and of course Halloween! We carry a wide variety of styles and sizes, and can arrange special orders to meet your time-frame.

Contact us at (773) 528-1264 or directly by email

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Here are just a few of Rental Costumes, we have many, many more styles....

Click on the photo or text link to view our Costume Galleries. Conact our Rental Team for sizes and styles available.



Super Heroes Rentals


Biblical & Religious

Religious Rental Costumes

17th Century Males

17th Century Men's Rental Costumes





1920 Flappers

1920's Flapper Rental Costumes

Gangster & Zoot Suit Rental Costumes


Can Can Dancers/ Saloon Hall



St Patricks Day & Leprechauns


Rockstar Costumes

Rock Star Rental Costumes


19th & Early 20th Century Women


Feather Headdresses and Showgirls


1960s, 70s and 80s 
Men's & Womens' Rental Costumes


Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland Rental Characters



Chicago Costume Originals

Chicago Costume Orginals

*Custom design & creation



Mannequin Rentals

Willy Wonka,
Charlie and the Chocoalte Factory

 Animal Mascots

Open Face Animals

Bear Costumes

King Costumes & Crowns


17th Century Women/ Marie Antoinette

Traditional German Costumes

Harry Potter Characters

German Lederhosen for Men & Women

Wizard of Oz