Everyday uses for Theatrical Makeup: Ben Nye Banana Powder - Chicago Costume
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Everyday uses for Theatrical Makeup: Ben Nye Banana Powder

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Theatrical makeup seems to imply that the use is only for the theater or another dramatic form of production but theatrical makeup has other purposes that can be used in your daily makeup routine as well.

The best known example is Ben Nye's Banana Powder. In 2016, Kim Kardashian's beauty routine was divulged by her makeup artist at the time, Mario Dedivanovic, and one of his go to products for concealing under-eye bags and created that well-rested look is Banana Powder. Applied with a powder brush under the eye, the yellow tones neutralizes the natural purple/blue hues of dark circles because the colors are complimentary on the colors wheel. The powder can be applied with the baking technique, applying heavily with a damp beauty blender or a packed foundation brush over some kind of liquid such as foundation or concealer and then leaving the makeup to bake for a few minutes before lighting brushing off the excessive, or lightly applying with a powder brush over liquid makeup as you would do with any other makeup powder powder. Below is an example of what banana powder can do over a basic foundation simply using a powder brush.