David Bowie & Glam Rock Makeup Tutorial - Chicago Costume
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David Bowie & Glam Rock Makeup Tutorial


Start off with a blank canvas: either a clean face, or a foundation several shades lighter than your natural skin tone. Powder with Ben Nye’s Neutral Set Powder.

Here we used Ben Nye’s creme foundation in “Fairest” all over the face and down the neck as well as lightly sponging the product over the ears and then across the eyebrows to wash them out.

With an oblong beauty sponge buff the foundation into the skin, using the pointed end in the corners of the eyes, nose, and mouth for well-blended and even coverage.

Next using Ben Nye’s Powder Cheek Rouge in Coral Red pick up a small amount of product with an eyeshadow/concealer brush and cover the eyelid from the lash line to the crease using small strokes.

With the remaining powder on the brush blend the shadow up into the crease working from the outer end of the eyebrow to the bridge of the nose and lightly bringing it down each side of the nose, creating a slight contour.

Next, take Mehron’s professional Eyeline Khol Pencil in Black to accent the upper lash line of both eyes keeping the pencil as close to the lash line as possible. Hold the eyelid open gently to work the pencil between the lashes.

Continue contouring the face using a small amount of the Coral red shadow and a fluffy brush, Here we used an angled blush brush sold separately in our stores. Starting at the edge of the eyeshadow work your way horizontally back across the temple to the hairline. Alternating from one side of the face to the other, making sure they are symmetrical.

Beginning in the same place bring the rouge from the end the shadow vertically, along temple to the hair line, blending with very small circular motions as you go, then lightly fill in the area between the two lines.

Remember not to overload the brush with shadow and use the excess wherever possible. Using the same brush or sponge, move on to the cheek contour starting at the hairline at ear-level and working your way inward just below the cheekbone, stopping directly underneath the outer corner of the eye.

Sucking in your cheeks can help to identify the line created by the cheekbone.

Again, alternate sides to ensure they are symmetrical and use tight circular brush strokes to blend as you go.

After creating the line of the contour, working inward use the excess pigment on the brush and begin to drag the line downward about and inch from the top, completing the illusion of sunken-in cheeks.

Very lightly sweep the excess shadow across the jaw-line, bringing it up slightly at the center of the chin.

Now for the iconic lightning bolt. Using the same Khol pencil make a small point at the hairline about half an inch from the middle and then one above the center of the eyebrow. Join the two points with a straight line. You may use a straight edge like an index card or a small piece of painters’ or scotch tape to guide you. 

Skipping over the eye pick the same line back up at the outer corner and extend it downward ending just above the cheek contour.

Repeat this step below the eye with a line parallel to the first that begins a quarter-inch below the tear duct and ends right above the jaw-line.

These three lines will serve as a guide for the rest of the bolt. You can used your angled brush to help define

Wet the CC small angled brush [close up of product] and pick up some of Mehron’s Paradise Makeup AQ in Brilliant Orange. Before bringing the brush to the face gently dab excess water off onto a paper towel to keep the product from running.

Begin at the inner corner of the eyebrow and ending at the hairline make a straight line that runs parallel to the black. Again, you may use a straight-edge as a guide.

Next run the brush carefully alongside the black working slowly and carefully to make sure they don’t overlap, picking up more pigment and rewetting the brush as needed.

Continue down below the eye alongside the outer line.

Moving back upward, join the end of this line with the beginning of the next one.

Carefully trace along the inside of this line with the orange.

Starting again at the front of the eyebrow, trace a short line upward, across the bridge of the nose toward the opposite temple ending just above the opposite eyebrow somewhere between the front and the arch.

Pick it back up where the line meets the front of the eyebrow trace a line back across the bridge of the nose toward the orange and khol below meeting them an inch and half above the point. Beginning below and ending above the line you are connecting with will ensure the bolt is tapered and the ends are pointed.

Now that the orange is completely outlined, fill in the shapes, covering the eyebrow but avoiding the eyelid and areas covered by pink shadow, before rinsing the brush.

Wet this same brush and pick up some of Mehron’s Paradise Makeup AQ in Brillliant Blue Bebe , running it along the other side of the khol from the hairline to the eyebrow. Start with a wider line that tapers gradually as you move downward. A trick for this is flipping the small angled brush on its side so the edge of the bristles are perpendicular to the line and drag it downward to the halfway point then turn the brush again so the bristles run parallel and the line created is thinner.

Repeat this step along the lower half of the bolt.

With the bolt finished, its time for the finishing touches.

Picking the CC concealer/eyeshadow brush back up and picking up a small amount of the coral red rouge: run the edge of the brush underneath the lower lashline of the eye opposite the bolt, beginning below the pupil and bringing it up toward the outer corner, joining it with the rest of the shadow.

Further define the eyes using the khol pencil very gently on the lower lash line to create a very thin line directly below the waterline on both eyes.

You may finish off this look by highlighting the inner corners of the eyes,cheekbones, brow bone and the cupids’ bow with a shimmery pale shadow and a fluffy or fan brush. Here we used The Mehron Stageline Fan Brush and Ben Nye’s Lumiere Iced Gold. Finish the look a generous coat of mascara on the upper lashes and very small amount of a coral pink lipstick that matches contour color.