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Top 50 Costumes of 2017

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 Top 50 Costumes of 2017

It officially feels like Fall here in Chicago, the breeze feels cooler, school has started, and even PSL are available. Here at Chicago Costume, the start of October means Halloween is right around the corner- so here is our picks for the Top 50 Halloween Costumes of 2017!

1. Wonder Woman

2. Pennywise the IT Clown

3. Stranger Things Eleven

4. Belle from Beauty and the Beast 

5. Jon Snow from Game of Thrones

6. Moana

7. Pirates

8. Poop Emoji

9. Spider-Man Homecoming

10. Beast from Beauty and the Beast

11. Unicorns

12. Superman

13. White Walkers from the Game of Thrones

14. Rick & Morty

15. Anna & Elsa

16. Narwhal

17. Scary Clowns

18. Maui

19. Batman

20. 1980s Track Suits

21. Overwatch

22. The Nightmare Before Christmas

23. Rapunzel from Tangled

24. Daenerys Game of Thrones

25. Minecraft Pixelated costumes

26. Sloths

27. Hotels.com Captain Obvious

28. Little Mermaid Ursula

29. Avacado

30. Oreo costume

31. M&M Candy

32. Poe Dameron from Star Wars

33. Paw Patrol

34. Chip from Beauty and the Beast

35. Thor

36. Kylo Ren

37. Boo from Monster's Inc

38. Bobs Burgers cast

39. Ariel & Mermaids

40. Fireball Bottle

41. Cersei Lannister Game of Thrones

42. OITNB Orange is the New Black

43. Classic Skeleton

44. Witch

45. Pickle

46. Ray from Star Wars

47. Steampunk

48. Fawn or Deer

49. Devil

50. Where's Waldo

Save 10% on Wizard World Chicago Tickets

We are super stoked to be going to Wizard World Chicago August 24- 27th! If you want to join us use coupon code CHICAGOCOSTUME for 10% off your ticket at wizardworld.com/comiccon/chicago

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How to Wear Vampire Fangs

We wear, love and recommend Scarecrow brand Fangs, they come in many sizes and styles and are easy to custom fit, wear and remove. Check out all of the styles herePLEASE READ THESE PRECAUTIONS THOROUGHLY BEFORE USINGWARNING: SMALL PARTS- CHOKING HAZARD AGES 14+Non-toxic & safe on teethNovelty Fangs for temporary use only, for adult entertainment, costume [...]

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Halloween Makeup- DIY or you can hire someone to do it for you!

At Chicago Costume, we ❤ makeup- especially special effects and character makeup at Halloween! All of our stores carry some mix of makeup, and if you visit our Lincoln Park or Portage Park year round stores- you can see all of the professional makeup we have year round! Brands like Ben Nye, Mehron and Paradise, Cinema [...]

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Ben Nye Banana Powder

Wow! This product continues to fly off our shelves everyday and there is a great reason why- it is really great! After the Kim Kardashian craze, it has continued to be a youtube sensation with makeup artists and bloggers alike. Creating a beautiful glow on darker skin tones, this contouring powder has a miracle- like [...]

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How to clean SFX brushes

I came across this simple way to clean special effects brushes of blood, cream colors and glues. *I still prefer a gentler method like London Brush cleaner or Brush Cleaner for beauty brushes.How to clean SFX brushes Washing your makeup brushes should be a regular part of your beauty routine. Learn how to properly clean your brushes to keep [...]

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How to use Liquid Latex

Every year we encounter the question of "How do you safely use Liquid Latex?" and we thought we would share some of our tips and tricks!#1 Rule: Liquid Latex does not have a remover! So where ever you paint on latex, the only way to remove it is to pull it off after it has [...]

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Wizard World 2015 Recap

Whew, so we had a pop-up shop at Wizard World Chicago 2015, and wow it was a weekend of fun! We saw so many great cosplayers and costumes and had so much fun! And did we mention we got to meet Nathan Fillion!!Oh, you know- just hobnobbing with Wizard World celebrity Nathan FillionHere is Lindsay [...]

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Colossal Coachman Contest- Chicago Winner Announced!

Drumroll please......it was a very close vote between these great designs- here are the results for the Colossal Coachman Contest for the Chicago designs! 1st Place- Red Sugar Skull by David Krumwiede 2nd Place- Book Nerd by Demitria Lunetta 3rd Place- Bird House by Alexander Lunetta 4th Place - Sailboat by Justin Fugate Congratulations David, his design will go on to [...]

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How to Wear Scarecrow Fangs

Since 1990, Scarecrow's owner/fang designer/inventors Linda & Arthur have successfully outfitted MILLIONS of vampires for Halloween, video, film & theater.The instructions included in each package of fangs are quite comprehensive. The following FAQ's supplement the packaged instructions, we hope you find this helpful.How do Scarecrow Vampire Fangs work?Scarecrow Dental Fit Fangs are the Original Custom [...]

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