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15 Ways to Make Your Next Gathering Unique

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Let's be honest, the Winter season can be long and dull, why not get together some friends together for a fun time? Here's our top 15 ideas to help your next event be unique!

1. Wig Brunch

Wigs GIF

Brunch is the best meal not only to Instagram, but to share with friends as well. Jazz up your next #brunchsaturday with bright, colorful, fun wigs!

2. Szechuan Sauce Making Contest

rick explains GIF

Rick and Morty's iconic sauce may not be available at McDonald's right now, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy the iconic sauce. Get your friends together to see who can find the best recipe online, dressing up and fun team names highly encouraged!

3. Mermaid Seafood Dinner


Invite your friends over for what is bound to be a party you have as much fun shopping for as well as hosting. Have your friends transform themselves into the prettiest creatures under the sea and create a meal to match your underwater adventure! Seafood not your thing? Mermaid desserts are in abundance on Pintrest! Satisfy your sweet tooth DIY-ing mermaid cupcakes with #mermaidsquad

4. Costumed Movie Marathon

Star Wars GIF

Get your favorite nerds together to dress up for your favorite movies! Whether you are into Star Wars, Star Trek, or if you're more into high school dramas, there's certainly fun to be had dressing up as your favorite characters whether it's Spock or Dionne Davenport.

5. PunDay Party

bo burnham pun GIF by Cheezburger

By far my favorite costumes are those that put a fun twist on an old favorite. Copy cat? Deviled eggs? Dr. Pepper? A holy cow? Who knows what fun things you can come up with? (Plus it gives you an excuse to google some really bad puns!)

6. San Junipero

orange is the new black GIF by NETFLIX

Black Mirror Season 4 doesn't mean we are enjoying season 3 any less, and San Junipero certainly was one of the most aesthetic episodes out there. Pair it with everyone channeling their best 80's looks means a good time. One question remains: are you going for Tucker's or the Quagmire?

7. Sparkles Galore

animation dance GIF by xavieralopez

Invite some people over for sparkling everything, sparkling wine, glitter doughnuts, and tiaras? Check yes to playing around with some glitter makeup and an excuse to buy a sequin dress!

8. 1920's Murder Mystery

Costume GIF

Have someone do half the work for you by buying a kit, or use the internet for creative ideas. On thing for sure this is the perfect night in for you and your close friends. The only thing missing? A "killer" flapper dress!

9. Onsies Slumber Party

Animals GIF

Slumber parties were one of the highlights of middle school, now that you're not under your parent's constant supervision, it' the perfect time to splurge on some fun onsies, junkfood, and some facemasks. Don't forget to pull out old yearbooks!

10. Famous Couples Get Together

Costumes GIF

Everything's better together, so next time you gather everyone together for date night, be sure to invite them to dress up as the couple that best describes them, imagine how much fun party games will be when you pit Marge and Homer against Adam and Eve!

11.  Video Game Tournament

super mario bros GIF by gaming

This is for people who love to win! Who can build the tallest Minecraft tower in one minute? Beat everyone else in Mario Party? Slay at Donkey Kong? The possibilities are endless, don't forget to award the winner some quality merch.

12. Bob's Burgers Cook-In

bob burgers GIF

Grab yourself an apron and load up the spice rack and stay in re-creating one of Bob's punny burgers of the day... or several! Don't forget to binge Bob's Burgers while enjoying your creations!

13. Pet Fashion Show

costume GIF by Menswear Dog

Let's be honest what is better than animals in cute costumes? Gather your furry friends in the dog park for absolutely no reason at all besides the fact it's going to be adorable.

14. Instagram Polling Party

Geo Law illustration politics vote doodle GIF

Remember when you didn't get voted best hair for the senior yearbook? Now's the time to redeem yourself, brainstorm some fun categories and let your followers decide who is crowned the victor- don't forget to make custom sashes with the categories for the winners.

15. Masquerade Anything

Chicago Costume GIF

We may be a little biased on this one, having the largest selection of masquerade masks in the Midwest. Everything just seems to be more fun when you're wearing a mask, whether it's bejeweled, feathered, scary, or fit for a princess. 

Don't forget to show us all the fun you're having! Tag us in your photos @chicagocostume on instagram, facebook, and twitter

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