1920s Makeup Tutorial
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1920s Makeup Tutorial


Looking to create an authentic 1920s makeup look, check this out! In these simple steps we show you how to create a perfect smokey eye and apply false lashes for that perfect Flapper look.


1. Start with a clean base of foundation in your color (not lighter or darker). We used Mehron Celebre Pro HD Foundation. And apply a eyeshadow primer so all of the smokey eye shadows stay put and the primer prevents transfer and creasing. 

Chicago Costume_makeup1

2. Work a eyebrow pencil like Mehron Kohl Liner lightly into the brows for definition, either using the pencil or a stiff brush to pull it through the eyebrows. Draw or stroke on in the direction the hair grows for the most natural look. 

Chicago Costume _ flapperMua2

3. Use a light eggshell base color like Ben Nye Pressed Eyeshadow ES-314 Shell all over the entire eyelid. 

bn eyeshadows

4. Blending a light brown into crease using a windshield wiper motion (BN ES 50 in Cork) then deepen this crease color using a dark mauve or purple tone (we used Es78  Brownberry) 

5. Next apply  a dark cream color (we used mehron E.Y.E cream in black) on the outer and inner corner of the eye being careful not to go past the tear duct or outer corner and leaving the ball of the eye free of color.** Emphasize that it doesn't have to be perfect.** Blend each size connecting them on the to through the crease. Pick up a small amount of Black shadow on a fluffy brush and continue to blend the cream concentrating on the outer and inner corner.(ES99 in Black or BN Pearl Shadow in Nightclub PS395 for a bit of sparkle)


6. Pat a metallic or jewel toned color  on the center of the eyelid. We used a silver (Ben Nye Lumiere in silver LU 4 or BN Pearl Shadow 385 in Galaxy Dust). Line the lashline with your favorite black liner (we used BN Magicolor Black). Clean up fallout with a makeup wipe.

Before moving on to the under eye do your normal foundation routine or opt for a foundation a shade lighter than your natural skin tone. Next line the lower lashline and/or water line with a creamy eyeliner pencil (bn Black Magicolor) and sweep the crease color (brownberry) along the lower lashline underneath the liner with a pencil brush or small angled brush. Taking the same brush blend the liner into the shadow with the black shadow we used on the lids (Es99 or PS 395) you can clean up the edges with concealer and set the concealer with a colorless face powder to avoid creasing.

6. Now lashes! Grab a great pair of fake lashes, we have some great Demi Eyelashes in store, and some lash glue such as Duo or Mehron Ad Gem Non-Latex glue.

Take the lash and hold it up to your eyelid with out the glue, it may need to be trimmed to fit your lid, we usually like to cut ours down a third.

Squeeze out a small amount of the glue on a surface or the back of the hand and pull the "rib" of the lash through it to pickup a small amount.

Gently lay the fake lash just above your natural lash line, on the skin of the eyelid and let dry. If you need to pickup the lash and replace, do this quickly before the glue sets.


7. Now add a burgandy lip color Mehron LIP Creme in Cherrywood to the lips and a light powder blush on the cheeks.

Set your makeup with a spray setting sealer like Barrier Spray or neutral set powder like Ben Nye Media Pro HD Colorless Powder.


8. Add your costume and accessories to complete your 1920s Flapper look! Here Eleni added a Faux Fur Neckwrap , Fluff Wig in brown and Gypsy Renaisance Flapper headband


Makeup by Robin Kelly Roche

Model Eleni Sauvageau

Copyright Chicago Costume 2015